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The Neighbours Reboot is an Absolute Disaster

The Australian soap opera “Neighbours” recently took a chance on resurrection, only to be met with a less than neighbourly reception. The reboot hoped to rekindle the old flames of Ramsay Street but stumbled upon a ratings rubble instead. Here’s a light-hearted dive into the tale of a show that dared to defy the adage, ‘let sleeping dogs lie’.

Channel 10’s hopes of a ratings bonanza turned into a mirage as “Neighbours” was outperformed by a three-decade-old US soap, becoming a major ratings disaster for the network​​. The rekindled Aussie drama made its comeback last month after a hiatus, but alas, the success it yearned for seemed to have moved to a different neighbourhood.

Lesbian parents in Neighbours reboot
The Neighbours Reboot is an Absolute Disaster

The reboot’s premiere on a Monday in September opened to a national audience of 244,000. However, as the weekdays rolled by, the numbers dwindled, with a mere 99,000 fans tuning in on a subsequent Monday, while its encore screening on 10Peach could only muster 30,000 viewers​. In comparison, just before the original show bid adieu, it had a viewership of 100,000 – the reboot, it appears, barely managed to hold onto the loyal audience, let alone attract new eyeballs.

A Neighbourly Mishap: The Ratings Rumble of Ramsay Street’s Reboot

The ripple effect of the declining viewership led to a rescheduling storm. The network, feeling the pressure, shifted “Neighbours” to an earlier timeslot of 4pm with an encore screening at 6:30pm on 10Peach​. In a somewhat ironic twist, the show was bumped for “The Bold & Beautiful”, a series known for its repetitive, outlandish storylines – a trait humorously pointed out as shared with “Neighbours”. The shift was a response to the loyal viewers’ demand to return “The Bold & Beautiful” to its original slot.

The reboot spurred discussions, with many wondering whose idea it was to resurrect the iconic Australian drama that had, in 2022, been laid to rest with meticulous precision and elegant self-reflection, earning itself a well-earned place in the nation’s cultural history books​​. Yet, despite the shaky start, hope floats around Ramsay Street with whispers of a jaw-dropping storyline that might just reel viewers back in at 4pm​.

Guy Pierce
The Neighbours Reboot is an Absolute Disaster

But as the curtains of uncertainty continue to flutter around the future of “Neighbours”, one can’t help but chuckle at the audacious attempt to rekindle a classic. The tale of Ramsay Street’s reboot serves as a cheeky reminder in the television world that sometimes, it’s not all about good neighbours, but good ratings.

In a world where reboots are becoming as common as morning coffee, “Neighbours” stands as a testament to the unpredictable nature of television ratings. Even with a sprinkle of American spice in the form of Mischa Barton, the reboot couldn’t quite brew the success it aimed for. While the Ramsay Street residents try to find their footing amidst the ratings rumble, the audience waits with bated breath, ready to tune in, or tune out.


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