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Introducing Lily Artemis II: The Mysterious New Face of Stellar Blade

While protagonist EVE may be captivating players with her stunning looks and powerful presence, she’s not the only intriguing character in the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 exclusive Stellar Blade. Enter LILY 03, a mysterious figure who made her debut in the game’s recent story trailer and immediately piqued the interest of eager fans.

Though details about LILY 03 are limited, her brief appearance alongside EVE offers tantalizing hints about her role in the game’s narrative. The identical logos and numerical naming convention shared by the two women suggest they are part of the same enigmatic organization. A scene in the trailer shows LILY 03 passionately defending the so-called “Mother Sphere” when it is questioned by another character, hinting at a deep personal stake in this central mystery.

Who is Lily in Stellar Blade?

In contrast to EVE’s statuesque physique, reportedly modeled after real-life Korean actress Shin Jae-eun, LILY 03 cuts a petite, pixie-like figure. Her auburn hair is cropped into a short, practical style that frames her youthful face and brings out the warm glow of her freckled complexion. But it’s LILY 03’s eyes that truly mesmerize – a captivating shade somewhere between blue and gold, they gleam like distant stars glimpsed through Earth’s atmosphere, at once alien and achingly familiar.

While it remains uncertain whether players will be able to control LILY 03 directly, new information suggests she will play a key role in the player’s arsenal. The Digital Deluxe edition of Stellar Blade, priced at AUD$139.95 (just AUD$15 more than the standard edition), includes special “Stargazer Wear” for both LILY 03 and a character named Adam. This exciting detail hints that players may be able to equip LILY 03 with unique suits and gear to aid in their missions.

UPDATE: SHIFT UP just dropped the official Lily trailer, giving us a tantalizing glimpse at this adorable pixie-cut heroine. Turns out her full name is Lily Artemis II, and she’s the engineering support for the 5th Airborne Squad. With her vast knowledge of weapons, Lily will likely be your go-to girl for all sorts of amazing upgrades and powerups to help you blast through Naytiba baddies.

Not only is Lily a genius with gadgets, but she’s also got a personality as bright and bubbly as her signature short hair. Her perky energy is sure to keep players engaged during even the most intense missions. Plus, with a British actress (whose identity remains under wraps) voicing Lily in the English dub, we can expect a delightful dose of cheeky charm every time she speaks.

But let’s not get too distracted by Lily’s cuteness – we’re betting this pint-sized powerhouse packs some serious skills on the battlefield. Will her technical prowess translate to some insane combat abilities? Could her sunny disposition be hiding a dark side that comes out when the fighting gets fierce? We can’t wait to uncover all of Lily’s secrets.

One thing’s for sure – with her brains, beauty, and bubbly personality, Lily Artemis II is shaping up to be the breakout star of Stellar Blade. Move over, Tachy and EVE, there’s a new best girl in town! We’ll be counting down the days until we can team up with Lily and see what kind of wild weapons and flirty fun she brings to the table.

The Digital Deluxe edition is packed with other exclusive bonuses as well, including a sleek “Stargazer Suit” for EVE, stylish half-rim glasses and quadruple rectangle earrings to customize her look, a “Stargazer Pack” for your trusty drone companion, and a bundle of in-game resources to give you an edge in your adventure (2,000 SP EXP and 5,000 gold, likely used to acquire even more powerful gear).

Story trailer reveal
Who is Lily Artemis II: The Mysterious New Face of Stellar Blade

Combined with her distinctive look and intriguing role in the story, these exclusive LILY 03 offerings are already generating excitement among fans eager to uncover more about this fascinating new character. Will she be a close ally to EVE, fighting alongside her with an arsenal of high-tech suits? Or are the two women destined to clash as they unravel the secrets of the Mother Sphere?

Notably, Stellar Blade has garnered praise for its portrayal of strong, capable female characters, with the recent demo proving to be a hit among many female gamers. The vast majority of female Twitch streamers have even embraced the challenge of playing in “hard mode” while equipped with the more revealing “Skin Suit,” a testament to the game’s empowering heroines. It’s also worth noting that the character models are based on real Korean women, adding an important layer of authentic representation. With a female art director, Hyung-Tae Kim, at the helm of character design and casting, Stellar Blade seems poised to deliver nuanced, multidimensional women that resonate with players of all genders.

Short hair girl in Stellar Blade
Who is Lily Artemis II: The Mysterious New Face of Stellar Blade

As Stellar Blade gears up for its exclusive PlayStation 5 launch on April 26th, anticipation is reaching a fever pitch. Aussie gamers are eager to unravel the threads of LILY 03’s story and experience the full depth of her character. With its enticing mix of mystery, high-stakes action, and compelling heroines, Stellar Blade is shaping up to be a true showcase of the power of representation in gaming. Keep an eye out for LILY 03 – she’s destined to become a fan favorite and a breakout star in her own right.


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