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A Heartfelt Glimpse into the People’s Princess comes to Melbourne

Immerse yourself in the rarefied aura of the “People’s Princess” as the heartfelt exhibition, Princess Diana: Accredited Access, graces Australian shores for the first time in Melbourne this November.

With every shutter click of her official Royal Photographer, Anwar Hussein, the exhibition unveils the tender rapport between the Princess of Wales and the lens, offering a glimpse into the unseen facets of Diana, frozen in time on film.

Having enchanted hearts globally, from the vibrant streets of Los Angeles to the warm, sun-kissed shores of Puerto Rico, the exhibit now nestles in the historic heart of Melbourne, the iconic Tea House in the Southbank precinct, opening its doors on November 17, 2023.

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The narrative is tenderly embroidered by Anwar and his sons, Samir and Zak, as they reminisce about the bygone royal days through a deeply personal audio guide. Following their father’s venerable legacy, the Husseins have been royal confidantes across seasons, documenting the public and cherished private moments of Diana and her cherished kin.

Lady Diana
A Heartfelt Glimpse into the People’s Princess comes to Melbourne

Anwar, with his knack for capturing the unscripted, shifted the lens through which the royal family was perceived, painting a picture of relatable humanity. On the other hand, Samir and Zak have etched moments of Diana’s sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, into the annals of photographic memory.

Embark on a poignant journey through themed vistas like The Photography Dark Room, Growing, Glam, Hats & Tiaras, Art Installations, Humanitarian, and Unguarded, each narrating a chapter of Diana’s riveting tale.

“The Exhibit is a heartfelt documentary, showcasing her transition and metamorphosis within the royal haven, narrated intimately with the original, evocative imagery transporting you back to those royal epochs,” reads the official statement heralding the Aussie dates.

The Tea House, Melbourne, Australia
A Heartfelt Glimpse into the People’s Princess comes to Melbourne

Infused with artistry, the exhibit also features bespoke art installations by the illustrious multimedia artist, Pauline Loctin, and engaging photo spots to etch your own memories of this touching encounter.

Eager hearts awaiting this family-friendly venture can weave through the emotional tapestry of Diana’s life from 10 am to 7 pm, Wednesday to Sunday, commencing on the bright morning of November 18.


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